Why We Need A Special Month To Honor Women

The eyes you use to view the most breathtaking sites, the hands you use to grasp the most satisfying sensations, the nose you use to smell the most delicious aromas, every building block used to create the temple that is your body was developed in the belly of a woman. At one point a woman has housed every person whose presence has ever graced the Earth.

Every accomplishment ever made in human history first started with the birth of the person who made said accomplishment. Our wombs alone have produced kings, queens, philosophers, presidents, doctors, astronauts, inventors and more. Our bodies produce people that make history, without us man would never have discovered fire or went to the moon. Yes, women are capable of many phenomenal things, but women should be honored because life starts from within us. A woman birthed all the people that have performed the previously impossible, meaning there’s no limit to what we can do.

Our birthing canals are one of the most intricate designs in human nature. And despite all the myriad of possibilities for complications to take place and all the odds pit against us, our strength and resilience enables 3.66 million successful births a year to take place in the US alone. To perform this miraculous feat we must go through rigorous, involuntary preparation typically starting as young as age 12 or 13. This even goes for those of us who choose not to have children. Our cycles can last anywhere from a few days to a week. Some of the symptoms we’re subjected to during this time consist of fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, sickness, reduced mood, weight gain, and moderate to severe cramps.

Studies show that cramp pain can rival that of the pain one feels when experiencing a heart attack. We endure ridicule from society for the features developed to ensure the smoothest delivery of the next generation. We carry the weight of society’s future in the pit of our stomachs while simultaneously carrying the weight of striving to abide by unrealistic standards set by society. Our wide hips, roundness, and stretch marks may be scoffed at, but these features were either the result of or in preparation for one of the greatest miracles in the world.  

Without our bodies creating the proper environment to shelter a child until it’s introduced to the rest of the world, humanity would never have reached the heights it currently is. We are the origins of every great discovery, every scientific breakthrough, and monumental development. Our organs have worked to benefit the entire world. That’s definitely grounds enough to give us our flowers.

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Zada Luby is a published author and writer. Her passion primarily lies in the arts and in using her voice to impact the lives of women and youth. Her inspiration comes from her father, who’s also a writer, and her call to make a difference, one word at a time.