Dr. Camilla Dixon

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Dr. Camilla Dixon is a Naturopathic Doctor, Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Healing Coach. Dr. Dixon attended Trinity School of Natural Health and graduated as a Naturopathy Doctor, studying under Dr. J.L. Johnson, Ph.D., LNC, Master Herbalist, before founding Aloe Man Enterprise, Love Thyself Institute, Camilla D’s Natural Woman, and W.I.T. Love Nation.

Over the past 28 years, she has studied American, Japanese, and Chinese herbology, counseling thousands of women with chronic diseases such as High Sugar, High Blood Pressure, AIDS, Cancer, Lupus, and Fibroid Tumors. Her unwavering commitment is to empower women with knowledge to reclaim their health and live life fully. In 2009, her diagnosis of a brain tumor fueled her passion for teaching the benefits of natural healing. For over 27 years, she has hosted television and radio shows such as Kingdom Restoration, Health Corner, and Health Talk, enlightening individuals on health improvement. W.I.T. Love Nation, a community of Women In Transition, helps women embrace changes from peri to menopause and create balance through self-care, nutrition, mindfulness, and supplements. Dr. Dixon is married to her husband and business partner, Mr. Dixon, for 32 years, with three children and twelve grandchildren.

Q: Why do you feel like holistic menopause/perimenopause strategy and care is such an underserved industry ?

A: I believe we are holistically underserved as perimenopause and menopausal women because most professionals think that they need to fix what’s happening and not understand what’s happening. We live in a world where medication is the cure-all. You must address the mind, body, and spirit to serve holistically. We were not taught that menopause is a part of life’s journey and that your mind, body, and spirit would do a shift all at one time. We’re having conversations more often now because it’s become a big business to address and medicate women. The medical profession stabilizes you, and the holistic profession is to help you heal. So, it is an honor to be able to bring this now to the forefront and do it holistically.

Q: What do you feel like is either a misconception or something that people just may not know about menopause or perimenopause, that you might like to shed some light on?

A: A huge misconception is that this season is a punishment. Somehow, we’ve done something wrong to be in the season of life. We miss the signs of transition, we miss our bodies changing, and I believe we don’t accept that we are entering into perimenopause and menopause. Because of that, it’s something that we tend to ignore. I want us to shift our mindset, “Menopause Is A Beautiful Thing.” God gave that to me, and I genuinely believe it. Sometimes, the symptoms aren’t beautiful, but it’s still a beautiful season. If we embrace that, it will allow us to go through the journey with joy, peace, and openness. My approach is to help women in transition embrace change and regain balance through self-care, nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements. It’s not the end of life; it’s the beginning. It is like a rediscovery of who you are.

Q: What would you say is your biggest hope or dream about this work or your career in general?

A: My biggest hope is to leave a legacy encouraging women to talk about, understand, and preserve their bodies at all costs. I dream of empowering the next generations of women in my family to continue teaching and loving our young and old women and serving with love and compassion. I desire to change the narrative that women of color don’t matter and that being healthy is a right and not a privilege.

Q: Who or what is your biggest motivator right now?

A: One of my biggest motivators right now is my girls and my granddaughters. I’m all about generation. The intention and the mindset are always with them in mind when I do this work because I don’t want them to be stuck if I’m not around. That motivates me to keep going, become educated, and share this information. Next would be my dad. We recently lost him. He started this work in 1977, so I want to ensure that I build on everything he has imparted in me. That keeps me motivated to keep moving and learning. Next, our people need to be served in a manner that will help us heal mentally, spiritually, and physically. That is my goal. Lastly, my husband has been my motivator on every level, mentally and spiritually,

Q: What would be your go-to tip for a woman either entering menopause or perimenopause?

A: To journal. You go through phases, and each one is different. It’s your story, and we can’t remember everything. It helps you talk about how you feel in the moment and enables you to create better ones. I think journaling would be essential, not just for you, but also for the next generation, because they can refer back to it. We can make it beautiful for the next generation. Next, I would begin to prepare your body for this season. Begin to put in nutrients, start exercising, and date yourself. You will discover what no longer serves you. Don’t forget to love yourself and embrace where you are and where you’re going. When you do that, that’s what makes it beautiful. Remember that you’re changing, so be gentle with yourself.

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