The Empowered Gem: Eurizandra Pinto

Photograph courtesy of Noor Ul Hannan, @noorinthestu

What would happen if we all lived in the fullness of our purpose? Medical Interpreter and entrepreneur, Eurizandra Pinto, does just that, and inspires others to do the same. Growing up in Cape Verde, Eurizandra’s life has been full of transformative experiences, from her journey to the United States in 2005 to becoming a healthcare advocate for those who need it most in her home country. From an early age, Eurizandra has been instilled with a deep sense of community and desire to help others and has made it her life’s mission to empower all those around her.

“I learned how to help others from my grandparents, especially my mother and grandmother. They were both women of impact in the community,” says Eurizandra.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Eurizandra attributes most of her life lessons to her mother, who raised five successful kids while working full time, studying and running a business. Not only has Eurizandra’s mother taught her to be a hard worker, but she’s inspired her through her actions to be the best friend, daughter and all-around human being that she can possibly be. Eurizandra used the drive her family instilled in her to graduate with her Master’s degree and like all young adults entering the real world, she questioned what was next for her.

Photograph courtesy of Noor Ul Hannan, @noorinthestu

“Once you fulfill your basic needs, then you go to the next level, and then it’s about fulfillment, about spirituality,” explains Eurizandra.

This desire for fulfillment led Eurizandra on a quest to explore her spirituality. Thus, began her travels through Brazil, Mexico, the Amazon, Miami and Boston in search of wisdom while connecting with different types of cultures and practices. Eurizandra had the opportunity to attend various church services where she eventually ended her quest through finding Jesus and something much greater, her peace. Her spiritual grounding would become a vital part of her healing and resilience when obstacles started coming her way much later.

“I not only found my peace, but also my identity,” Eurizandra reveals. “I would question myself on how we can position ourselves to succeed despite all the obstacles we face. That’s how I strengthened myself and now, hopefully others.”

Eurizandra has never been a stranger to helping others. Her career as a co-founder of a non-profit organization that leads medical missions has led her back to her home country of Cape Verde to train local physicians on best practices with medical supplies while performing the local citizens with less invasive procedures.

“Healthcare access is a multifaceted issue, encompassing both physical and mental health. This belief drives our comprehensive efforts during our medical missions,” explains Eurizandra.

Eurizandra (far right) is seen on site during a medical mission trip to Cape Verde

Eurizandra’s medical efforts have yielded significant results. Not only has she seen substantial improvements in hospital operations and physician collaborations, but she’s even had the opportunity to host Cape Verdean physicians in the United States to train alongside their counterparts at Harvard-affiliated hospitals. Eurizandra’s overall goal is to ensure sustainability of her, and her team’s, medical efforts by training local physicians and donating advanced medical equipment. Eurizandra’s sense of community is still not lost doing this work as her team not only consists of physicians and nurses, but also their relatives who assist in sorting medical equipment and managing inventory.

Coming up on her 21st medical mission, Eurizandra’s passion for healthcare access doesn’t just stop at her annual trips to Cape Verde. Eurizandra’s non-profit organization, Project Health CV, who she co-founded with other interpreters and friends, focuses on sustainable healthcare solutions, an initiative she hopes that may inspire the next generations.

“Empowerment is a recurring theme in my life, not only in healthcare but also in personal growth,” says Eurizandra. “My journey as an immigrant and young mother in the United States was filled with challenges but my faith has kept me strong.”

Eurizandra realized she can catapult her desire for empowerment, specifically with women, through a new endeavor, starting her own business. Eurizandra took her life’s savings and bet on herself. With her sight’s set on Turkey, Eurizandra started her own boutique, Nurit Studio, a clothing brand offering elegant styles while igniting the fire within every woman and inspiring transformative change, still taking her faith with her every chance she gets.

“When the hand of God is upon your life and you make bold moves in obedience, you get rewarded,” says Eurizandra. “Now, in less than a year, we have two locations. I strongly believe that by empowering women to make a decision to be bold you can eventually fulfill God’s purpose in your life.”

Photograph courtesy of Noor Ul Hannan, @noorinthestu

Part of Eurizandra’s purpose is to support Women physically, mentally and emotionally. By championing diversity, and fostering inclusivity, Eurizandra believes in the power of building a community network for collaboration and cultivation of tribes to uplift generations of women to come.

“I challenge women to let go of the stereotypes placed upon them, pursue their dreams fearlessly and lead with confidence and elegance feminized in boldness,” says Eurizandra.

By giving so much of herself, Eurizandra grounds herself through her spirituality and self-care. She truly believes in the art of empowering herself, so that she can continue to empower others. With a daily routine of prayer, meditation, exercise and continuous learning through books and podcasts, Eurizandra believes that true health encompasses a holistic approach, including mental well-being, physical health, and spiritual growth.

“Today, I lead a life of intentionality and balance,” Eurizandra proclaims. “Empowerment is not just a personal journey but a collective one.”


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