Luisa Aya

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Photograph courtesy of Aaron Fraher

Luisa Aya has been a passionate traveler since the age of two, exploring the world and embracing its diversity. Fluent in three languages, Luisa has journeyed to over 13 countries and counting, each visit enriching her understanding of the world and deepening her love for different cultures. Her travels are marked by a keen interest in trying new foods, seeking out unique adventures, and engaging deeply with local traditions and customs. Luisa’s travels are not just about ticking destinations off a list but about creating meaningful and immersive experiences. She believes that even a familiar destination can offer new surprises and deeper insights, whether it’s savoring an unfamiliar dish, participating in a traditional ceremony, or simply wandering through local markets. Feeding into the true essence of her wanderlust, Luisa continually seeks to connect with the heart and soul of every place she visits. Her profound appreciation for the beauty that surrounds her has profoundly shaped her worldview. Now, Luisa dedicates her life to helping others see the world through fresh eyes while rekindling their sense of wonder and adventure. She invites everyone to join her in creating travel experiences that go above and beyond the ordinary, transforming journeys into unforgettable adventures that reignite a lust for life.

Photograph courtesy of Aaron Fraher

Q: What does it mean to you to be a woman in this industry?

A: This industry, specially travel advising, tends to be female dominated. However, I find it to be a great thing! I’m able to truly put my multitasking skills to the test by managing my home and running a business. This means that I am able to take care of all the details that a client could potentially need or want for their trip and communicate well with them while still tending to my own personal endeavors.

Q: Did you know at a young age that this is the work you wanted to do? 

A: I had no idea! I didn’t ever think I would be a travel business owner or advisor. I always knew that I wanted to help others in some way, shape, or form, but my career aspirations for doing so primarily centered around professions in health until I learned that I have a real passion for travel. I never thought it was something I could capitalize on because of how popular online travel agencies were until I decided to look into what it would look like to curate travel experiences like I’ve enjoyed for myself. I am so happy that I finally did it! I’ve never been happier.

Q: What is the biggest dream that you have for your career?

A: Within the next five years, I would love to start training other advisors who are passionate about travel to work with me so that I can eventually focus on traveling and familiarizing myself with more destinations. I’d love to be more recognized in the industry and become renowned as a top source for extraordinary adventures. My hope is that I can eventually come to a place where I can be working from anywhere in the world, with my family in tow.

My biggest motivator are my children. They are my purpose and reason (apart from myself) to be better each day—to continue making the world a better place which requires constant reflection, action, and learning. They make me want to heal the part of me that need care so that I can offer them the best in the world because they deserve it, my time, my love, and everything. I love the freedom and flexibility having my own business provides so that I can make memories with them.

Photograph courtesy of Aaron Fraher

Q: What is something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?

A: I don’t crave skydiving or anything like that, but I’ve always loved the idea of sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean. There is actually this amazing experimental, avant-garde restaurant in Chicago called Alinea. I’d love to experience that soon. I have an intense love for the creativity behind culinary art.

Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: My advice would be to not leave any stone left unturned. I would also tell myself not to spend all my money on objects, but to pause and enjoy each and every day a little bit more than the previous one because time goes by way too quickly. I’d also tell her to be brave enough to try, fail or succeed more often.


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