The Confidence-Building Gem: Jen Auh

Photograph courtesy of Noor Ul Hannan, @noorinthestu

In a world where first impressions matter, personal image and self-confidence can play pivotal roles in shaping individuals’ personal and professional journeys. Enter Jen Auh, an esteemed image consultant and personal brand strategist, whose passion for revamping images and boosting self-confidence has transformed lives over the past two decades.

When sitting down with Jen for our interview, I admittedly didn’t know much about image consulting, but as I started to learn more from her, what began to captivate me the most was her overall thought-process and approach to her work. Being that the nature of what she does as an image consultant, you’d think that so much of it is about physical appearance, however Jen has found a way to make her work about the whole person.

After years of working in the corporate world, Jen found that her biggest inspiration for even starting her business was her connection to people and the impact that she can make within their lives. 

“So, I actually never dreamed about starting my own business. I worked in the incorporate world for over 20 years, and was very happy with my job, however, my friends and other people that I’ve helped, inspired me to know just how much I can actually help people to have a better life,” says Jen. “What I saw as an image consultant, I could really make an impact on a personal level.” 

A turning point occurred for Jen when a friend faced challenges after a promotion to a managerial role. The struggle to align their image with their newfound position sparked Jen’s realization – there was a need for assistance in revamping not only appearance but also personal confidence. Witnessing the positive transformation in her friend inspired her to establish the image consulting company.

What Jen has found to be the most impactful core philosophy is the belief that looking good significantly impacts an individuals’ lives, both personally and professionally. A person’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being are profoundly influenced by their outward appearance, therefore Jen works tirelessly to empower individuals through an effective personal brand.

Jen also admits that outward appearance has always been at the backbone of who she was, even during childhood. The message from her upbringing was clear: how we present ourselves to the world matters.

“My mom is a businesswoman so she always dressed up really well and introduced me to custom tailoring. I was a very big kid when I was younger. People don’t see that. So there weren’t many clothes that would fit outside of my proportion but my mom always made sure that my brother and I were in style and presentable,” explained Jen.

I found it amazing at just how much of a trickle down effect can happen between parents and children. Just through her mother’s guidance and example, Jen was able to view physical presentation as a value and build upon that within her life. The same can be said when she speaks about a conversation she had with a potential client going through a divorce. She explains how boosting the self confidence of the parents through their image allows for the same effect to be passed down to the children, in hopes of minimizing the impact of the divorce on them, and thus boosting their own self esteem. I can sense Jen’s excitement as she lights up when revealing to me that if there is a way to help an entire family through such a sensitive time by just making them feel like the best version of themselves, it’s all worth it.


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