12 celebrity women answer inappropriate questions.

In the case of Beckham, she had just had a baby. “Is your weight back to normal?” Evans pressed. “Can I check? Do you mind?” As Victoria was made to step on the scales, she said “This is horrible.” 

Meanwhile Geri told the host “I don’t believe in weighing yourself, I think it’s traumatic,” she pleaded, as she was hurried on to the weights. Halliwell has been open about having an eating disorder in her years in the Spice Girls. 

Scarlett Johansson was asked about her diet.

In a 2012 interview alongside Robert Downey Jr. the actor was asked about her diet to prepare for her Black Widow costume. 

The question followed Downey being asked questions on about how he approached his latest role as Iron Man. Scarlet called out this misogynistic double standard, turning to Robert and saying “How come you get the really interesting existential question, and I get the like rabbit food question?”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were asked what size they were. 

In a lesson in what not to say to teenage girls, Oprah asked the Olsen twins what size they were. Mary-Kate and Ashley were 17 years old at the time of Oprah’s probing questions in 2004. 

“I know a new rumour [that’s] recently surfaced has really upset you, right?” Oprah told the sisters. “You know, the one about eating.”

As Ashley tried to respond, Oprah interrupted her to ask “What size are you, by the way?”

Neither sister would say their exact size, to which Oprah replied “That is so interesting, I’m obsessed with size and you’re like, ‘I really don’t know.'”

Feature image: ET + Power 106 + Today. 

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