EXCLUSIVE First Look: Brandy Reprises Her Role As Cinderella in Disney’s “Descendants: The Rise of Red”

Twenty-six years after she wowed the world as the first Black Disney princess, Brandy Norwood returns to her glass slippers as Cinderella.

The princess will return in Descendants: The Rise of Red, the latest installment in the popular Disney Descendants franchise. In this return to Auradon Prep, former Villain Kid Uma is now headmaster, and extends an invitation to fellow Villian Kid Red, the rebellious daughter of the tyrannical Queen of Hearts from Wonderland.

With a long-held grudge against Cinderella, The Queen of Hearts seizes the opportunity to seek revenge, inciting a coup against Auradon. Red must
team up with Cinderella’s perfectionist daughter Chloe (Malia Baker) and travel back in time to try to undo the traumatic event that set Red’s mother down her villainous path.

DESCENDANTS: THE RISE OF RED – DisneyÕs ÒDescendants: The Rise Of RedÓ stars Malia Baker as Chloe and Brandy as Cinderella. (Disney/Edward Herrera)

Actress Morgan Dudley will portray “Ella,” a blunt, pragmatic Young Cinderella in the past with a bit of a chip on her shoulder about being forced to work for her wicked stepmother. Brandy returns to the role of Cinderella, which she famously played alongside Whitney Houston in 1997’s Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Elegant, warm, good-hearted and diplomatic, Cinderella guides her daughter with a gentle hand.

“Stepping into a new set of Cinderella’s glass slippers after all these years feels like a true homecoming,” Brandy tells ESSENCE exclusively. “I’m so thrilled to be a part of the next chapter for Auradon. I’m most excited about seeing the next generation step into these iconic roles.”

“Morgan Dudley is an incredible talent, and I have no doubt she’ll bring her magic to ‘Ella.’ It’s been an honor to be a part of the Descendants legacy, and I can’t wait for fans to see how the new story unfolds!”

EXCLUSIVE: Brandy Reprises Her Role As Cinderella in Disney’s “Descendants: The Rise of Red”

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