EXCLUSIVE: Emayatzy Corinealdi Runs Down Everything You Need To Recall About ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Season 1

Reasonable Doubt — ÒRenegadeÓ – Episode 106 — Jax and DamonÕs relationship goes to another level. But Jax is focused in on the start of Brayden’s trial as she senses Brayden may be withholding crucial information. Jax (Emayatzy Corinealdi), shown. (Photo by: Ser Baffo/Hulu)

Need a reminder on Season 1 of Reasonable Doubt? Series star Emayatzy Corinealdi has you covered.

Onyx Collective’s smash hit legal drama returns to HULU this August, promising more twists, turns, and trysts as the mystery at the center of this season’s big case unfolds. But before we get there, Jax herself gives us a rundown of the key points of chaos that had fans hooked from episode 1.

The first season of Reasonable Doubt – the title itself a play on both the legal term and the title of Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed debut album – featured episode titles lifted from tracks by the rapper. A legal drama with a twist of mystery, told at the intersection of murder, lust, trauma, regret, and pride, season one had so many twists and turns that fans (and newcomers) could benefit from a refresher. Take a look at Corinealdi’s 60-second breakdown of Season 1’s action:

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In season 2, Emayatzy Corinealdi returns as Jax Stewart, the high-powered lawyer, mother, and – on occasion – wife whose personal life is just as messy and murky as the cases she tries in her professional one. McKinley Freeman returns as her conflicted husband, caught between being a supportive partner as Jax battles emotional and committal ambiguity and doing what is best for him. Morris Chestnut shakes things up this season as newcomer Corey Cash.

“This season of Reasonable Doubt takes us deeper into Jax’s world as she tries to balance a very personal case at work while trying to repair her marriage…

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