The 3 BIGGEST Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Sometimes the BIGGEST issue with your style is YOU. Now, don’t shoot the messenger! These are some common mistakes you could be making that may hinder your style and hurt your pockets.

We all love a good sale, but being too thirsty to shop a sale can lead to impulse purchases and regret later on. Before you swipe or hit that “Add to Cart” button, let’s play a game of seven questions that will elevate your shopping strategy from impulsive to resourceful.

  1. Does the item in question go with 5 other things in your closet?

As a fake mathematician, you know I love a cost per wear equation. The more times you are able to wear an outfit the less it costs each time you wear it. Will this new piece seamlessly integrate with your existing wardrobe, to maximize its cost per wear AND versatility? 

  1. Is it even your style?

Is the price “giving” more than the item? Stay true to your personal style! Avoid falling for fake low prices and trends that don’t align with your fashion preferences.  

  1. Will you actually wear it?

Now be honest with yourself here, bestie. Does the item suit your lifestyle? Can you see yourself wearing it regularly? #QTNA (before you purchase!)

  1. Does it fit RIGHT NOW?

Don’t succumb to the “it’ll fit eventually” mentality. 

  1. Can you return it if necessary?

Check the return policy to give yourself an exit strategy in case the item doesn’t live up to your expectations.

  1. Do you love it enough to buy it even if it wasn’t on sale?

Is the price “giving” more than the actual item? Put it back, boo. If the sale is the only factor influencing your decision, reconsider! 

  1. Is this actually the best price?

I mean it is 2024, who isnt price checking? Use your phone to quickly double and triple check prices across the web.

Now this isn’t meant the way you might think it is.

Sometimes we hustle backwards trying to “hide” our…

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