Gel polish: beautiful nails that last longer

Is gel polish the trend of the moment for those who love doing their nails? For those who don’t want to spend hours at the salon every week or don’t know how to do their own nails, the answer is YES!

That’s because this way of doing your nails provides greater durability than classic nail polish, giving you more time away from the salon and leaving your nails beautiful for any occasion.

Want to know more about this technique? Nail designer Grazielle Matos, one of the biggest names in the segment in Brazil, explains the difference between the techniques and the care that makes them last longer. “As well as saving time, they save money because gel polish lasts longer, avoiding weekly visits to the manicurist,” explains Matos.

Gel polish and regular polish

Those who wear classic nail polish find that they peel off more easily and quickly. “It’s common for this type of nail polish to come off after three or four days, making it necessary to go to the manicurist once a week,” she says.

Gel polish, on the other hand, offers more color and pigment and stays on the natural nail for longer. “This technique lasts an average of 25 days, without losing its shine or peeling,” says the professional.

How does this technique work?

“To use gel nail polish, preparation is carried out, with dehydration of the natural nail and the use of specific products, such as primer and gel base”, advises the specialist.

“Very safe, the application must be done by a nail designer, since the enamel cannot come into contact with the skin and there is a need for a booth to dry and finish,” she adds.

Gel polish care

Simple habits that can be practiced on a daily basis are essential to make gel polish last longer. “Moisturizing the cuticle is essential, whether it’s regular nail polish or gel polish, because it ensures that the skin around the nail is always healthy and beautiful,” she says.

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