Elaluz Makeup: Velveteen Queen Powder Bronzer

Have you ever wondered what Camila’s secret contour and perfect bronzer is? Well, get ready to conquer it, because Elaluz has just launched the Velveteen Queen Powder Bronzer! Let’s unravel all about this beauty together?

Available in 3 shades that cater to different skin tones, this powder bronzer is a true “sun kiss” that our skin needs… all year round! Its powerful powder formula delivers a comfortable and super pigmented tan effect to the face, with a soft natural velvety finish from the very first brush stroke.

And since elaluz values the richness that only Brazilian nature has, the formula of Velveteen Queen Powder Bronzer could not lack some of them – which even help in skin care. Like:

Camu Camu: A natural powerhouse of vitamin C that brightens and improves the appearance of the skin, offering protection against environmental agents and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Pequi: A rich oil that supplies essential moisture to the skin.

Cashew: An extra dose of collagen and elastin, rich in vitamin C

Jackfruit: A fruit rich in antioxidants and natural vitamin C that helps even the appearance of skin texture.

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Velveteen Queen Powder Bronzer – $32,00

So, in addition to the “sun-kissed” effect, you are also guaranteed a touch of hydration and nourishment to the skin throughout the day. The soft, smooth texture of this product allows for comfortable layering, further revealing its delicate matte finish on the skin.

To apply the product on the skin, simply use a beveled…

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